Windows Vista is delayed (again)

Written by Wil Harris

March 22, 2006 | 18:57

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Just when we thought Microsoft was all ready to go with Windows Vista before Christmas, the software giant has announced that the operating system has now slipped back to after Christmas, January 2007.

At least, that's for the consumer editions. Businesses who are members of Microsoft's Volume Licensing Program can get code in November, as originally planned. The fact that the business versions will apparently be ready suggest to issues that are specific to the consumer versions of Windows - such as the Media Center functionality.

The major problem is going to be for companies that build PCs, such as Alienware, Mesh and Evesham. Those boys always hope that Christmas will be a good buying time, with families upgrading to put a new machine under the Chrimbo tree. However, with Vista looming on the horizon, many people will surely hold off buying until the new year, and then any further slippage could cause even more problems for system builders.

The man at the top of Windows, Jim Allchin, said by way of explanation that "We needed a few more weeks... We decided to optimise it for the entire industry."

Oh well. The delay presumably means that the Vista-only title Halo 2 will also slip back.

However, the next beta for Vista will still go out to 2 million testers as planned.

Will you be attempting to get hold of the biz version in November, or are you content to wait until the official consumer release in January? Let us know what you reckon over in the forums.
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