Cell phones get .mobi domain

Written by Jason Cundall

July 11, 2005 | 13:22

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ICANN has approved the new .mobi TLD after an industry group successfully lobbied for the new domain. Expect to see the first sites using .mobi next summer:

Soon it could be much easier to browse the net on a mobile phone.
Approval for a .mobi domain has been given by the organisation that oversees the net's addressing system.

Websites that use the .mobi domain will be created specifically for mobile devices such as handsets and handheld computers to make them easy to find and browse.

The first websites using the new .mobi domain are expected to appear by late summer next year.

More from the BBC here.

If managed correctly, this should be good - websites that you know will display correctly on mobile devices. They just have to ensure that they don't hand out .mobi addresses like confetti, and that the templates that will be a condition of ownership get used - otherwise it'll all be a waste of time.

Thoughts? I bet you've got them, what with you all being so vocal... Let us know them in the usual place.
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