Crazy portable X360 mod

Written by Wil Harris

September 11, 2006 | 12:11

Tags: #ben-heckendorn #portable #xbox-360

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Ben Heckendorn has been responsible for some of the craziest games console mods on the planet. His website is adorned with his triumphs - a portable N64 and PS2, for example. His workmanship is beyond compare and the inventiveness of the designs he comes up with is simply fantastic.

We can but imagine the ideas that were floated around when a friend of his asked him to build a portable Xbox 360. The final product is, as you might expect, absolute genius.

The 360 has been pulled apart and rehoused in a custom-made aluminium enclosure. A laptop-esque screen has been added - a 1280x720 Westinghouse hi-def screen, no less. A USB keyboard has been fixed onto the top, along with the various wireless receivers required for the gamepad connection. There are speakers in the top, and the whole thing is powered by a single power cable.

Not content with building a fantastic looking machine on the outside, the inside has had the noisy Xbox 360 fans replaced with a super-quiet watercooling setup.

You need to go and check out the worklog on Ben's site to fully appreciate the work that has gone into the mod. When you're done, let us know your thoughts on it over in our forums.
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