Gears of War 360 case-mod

Written by Ryan Garside

November 29, 2006 | 14:41

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In the past we've looked at some interesting 360 mods. There was the controller LED mod that happened before the console was launched. There was the awesome laptop conversion of the 360 as well as a Half Life 2 mod. With the massively successful launch of Gears of War comes another really tasty case mod.

The 'Xbox of War' made by a guy (I assume it's a guy I may be wrong) called Grim_d is located over on the Xbox Scene forums. It sports a clear panel with the trademark Gears of War skull stencilled onto it. It's a sinister black and red colour which fits perfectly with the feel of the game. After checking out the pictures below you can also take a trip to the original forum thread.

In other Xbox related news Pro-G is reporting that the first gamerscore over 100,000 points has been achieved on Xbox Live. Well done to StripClubDj, you officially have no life.

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