Guitar Hero 2 on a real guitar

Written by Ryan Garside

December 7, 2006 | 12:14

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When we reviewed Guitar Hero 2 one of the things we all agreed on in the office was that it would be really cool for someone to mod a real guitar to play the game. As if they somehow knew, Tool Monger has completed the mod and posted the work logs over on their site.

It’s a really cool mod; they started by buying a cheap Fender Squier Bullet for $99. Obviously you wouldn’t want to mangle up an expensive guitar and essentially it doesn’t make a huge amount of difference as long as it looks the part.

They then took apart the Guitar Hero 2 guitar. The mod logs, which are designed to allow people at home to mimic the process, explain how to complete your ‘real’ guitar in both wired and wireless formats.

The actual process looks a lot simpler than it probably was. After removing the strings they placed the buttons from the original Guitar Hero controller into screwed holes. They then painted the buttons all black to make it look less gimmicky.

The real difficulty in a project like this comes when you have to put the controller back together after dismantling it. Here’s their description of the most difficult part of the project:

“The most difficult part by far, however, is locating and installing the fret buttons. While the plastic GH controller is quite small, its neck is almost half again as deep as the one on a real guitar. After a lot of searching, we found some small buttons from Radio Shack that (barely) fit in the neck.”

The finished product is great, it’s refreshing to see so many innovative modders out there producing mods recently. If you didn’t catch it I highly recommend checking out the one handed 360 mod.

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