Modded cases galore at Cooler Master

Written by Brett Thomas

January 10, 2007 | 15:54

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We spent a minute with part of the team at CoolerMaster on Tuesday to take a look at what the company is introducing for the beginning of 2007. The answer is "not much," but what is new is pretty cool.

The company is largely looking forward to the continued success of its "Stacker" line, but that doesn't mean it's just resting. New in '07 is an 850W PSU designed for high power SLI rigs, a media centre case, and a couple slick modified Stackers. There are also a couple new coolers - a huge dual 120mm heatpipe solution and a slight revamp of the AquaGate line of water cooling kits.

The dual-120mm CPU heatsink is incredibly weird, but apart from the massive size of the dual heatpipe (to the point of questionable fit and usefulness), there's not much revolutionary.

The media case fares a bit better with us. It's very roomy, and the bays can be rotated so that it can be in a multitude of configurations as either a desktop or tower. It also sports an optional media bay featuring a 2-line LCD and a MCE-compatible IR receiver (and included remote). We can expect pricing of roughly $100 USD for the base model and an extra $60 for the MCE piece.

The real show stoppers of the line-up are the two new limited edition Stacker looks. The one is a diamond-plate and airbrushed 830 that looks pretty sweet. It will also cost a pretty penny at $899 USD. Second is a Mystique with a nice airbrush job which comes in at $599. Bonkers!

For us, the best case on show was a green beauty decked out exclusively for (and available exclusively at) NVIDIA. Price for this model is unknown at the moment, as is the available stock of either edition. But heck, it's a slick little case.

Also on display at CM was a 'Battlefield' styled mod. Whilst not quite up to the standard of bit-tech's Mod of the Year contestant Butterkneter, it's not a bad hack job.

What do you think? Let us know over in the forums.

Airbrushed Mystique.

Metallic stacker mod.

Battlefield iTower mod.

NVIDIA case.

Dual 120mm heatpipe CPU cooler and media centre case.

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