Pumpkin mod palooza

Written by Wil Harris

October 30, 2006 | 08:13

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Seeing as All Hallows' Eve is just around the corner, we thought we'd share with you a couple of the funky pumpkin based mods that have shown up in our inbox and around the interweb over the past couple of days.

The fount of all knowledge, Wikipedia, tells us that:

Using pumpkins as lanterns at Halloween is based on an ancient Celtic custom brought to America by Irish immigrants. All Hallows' Eve on 31 October marked the end of the old Celtic calendar year, and on that night hollowed-out turnips, beets and rutabagas with a candle inside were placed on windowsills and porches to welcome home spirits of deceased ancestors and ward off evil spirits and a restless soul called "Stingy Jack," hence the name "Jack-o'-lantern".

Consider that your bit-tech factoid for the day.

Anyway, the first mod we've seen isn't of a pumpkin at all - it's of a plastic one. Taking the easy way out (i.e. the one that doesn't involve an hour of scooping out seeds), Russ Caslis has produced a very nice luminous mod that even has a fan grill on the side and a power socket in the stalk on top. A very nice job indeed.

The second mod is actually from last year, but we liked it so much we thought we'd link it anyway. It's as good a job of a proper pumpkin computer as we've seen, and has lots of HardOCP fanboyism, which is also cool.

Lastly, check out what we have dubbed the 'Mac-o-lantern'. It's a 1990 Macintosh Classisc,complete with screen, inside a pumpkin. The final thing looks fantastic, with the tiny little display occupying the front face of the pumpkin.

If that inspires you, be sure to put your Halloween mods over in the Project Logs forum, and let us know what you think of these mods over in News Discussion!
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