Console mods seem to be all the rage recently, what one of the most spectacular, the Xbox Laptop Mk II Mod surfacing just last week. However, it seems as if not all console mods are transforming the latest, powerful consoles - some hark back to the 8-bit era.

Translated via Engadget, a French modder called Kotomi has just unveiled his new modern/retro system mod, the Wii-SNES.

Kotomi has been working since February on the mod, which allows SNES cartridges to be simply pushed in through the front of the Wii case and played.

There's obviously no motion-sensing in the system now, but it should run with the old SNES controllers just fine and possibly even the Wiis updated retro controller.

Of course, we wouldn't recommend trying anything like this with your Wii - it seems a little redundant when the popular Virtual Console is available.

Kotomi has previously worked on a series of DS mods, some of which have further explored the retro/current gen crossover theme, like his previous Game and Watch DS Mod.

If you've got any console mods you've been planning or working on then why not hop down the forums and share your plans - creative entries may end up on our front page!
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