The worlds coolest clock...

Written by Joe Martin

April 11, 2007 | 10:48

Tags: #clock #diy #funny #guide #humour #innovative

Companies: #mod

We love mods and we love teh funnies. So, when we found this oscilloscope clock over at Make, it was like a match made in heaven.

Put together by Frank Bemelman of Frank Techniek, the clock is constructed inside an old TRIO 20Mhz oscilloscope and built around an Atmel 'AtMega8515' microcontroller. It has provisions for other programs to run on it as well if anyone fancies making some games to go on it.

In fact, we reckon a Breakout clone would work like a dream on this type of system, since using the dials to control paddle movement would be fairly simple.

Frank's website provides more details and instructions for those who want to have a go at building one themselves.

Whilst this is a fantsatic mod, the Nixie clock mods on our own forums will give this a run for its money on the coolness stakes. Or, if you're feeling just as adventurous, then making an LED clock from scratch might be just up your street.

Do you know of any cooler clock-related mod projects? Post links in our forums and share the wealth!
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