'Sneaker Pimps' Nike NES Mod

Written by Joe Martin

October 25, 2007 | 13:33

Tags: #console #nes #nike #sneaker

Companies: #mod

I've not been with bit-tech a full year yet and already it's amazing how accustomed I've become to the various bizarre mods we've seen. I've seen a PC in a beaver, a PC in a whisky bottle, a plasma globe PC and even a PC in a robot even bigger than I am.

And still, somehow, the NES Boot shown here confuses me.

The photo on the right is taken from this Flickr gallery and was, apparently, spotted at the end of a Sneaker Pimps concert.

I've never heard of the band as my tastes are little more traditional, but if this is the type of thing they do in their spare time then I may have to start tuning in and getting home with the downies and whatnot.

The mod isn't actually wearable, but is fully operational and has a NES controller attached up via the shoelaces, which is an incredibly cool touch in my opinion.

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