Black Ice GT doubles surface area

Written by Geoff Richards

April 24, 2006 | 15:21

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Hardware Labs, designer and manufacturer of the popular Black Ice family of PC watercooling radiators, has taken their market-leading performance and raised the bar even higher today with the launch of the Black Ice Gen Two, or Black Ice GT for short.

By employing custom MaxFin Splitter-fin Technology, Hardware Labs claims a 67% higher fin density and a 100% increase in surface area, both crucial in achieving high performance in a compact radiator.

The casualty is often the amount of air you can force through the rad but thanks to their new design, the Black Ice GT has an air pressure drop 50% less despite the increased fin density. The company says this is a result of using copper fins measuring just 25 microns, or 0.025mm, thick. This is 45% thinner than the industry standard of 45 microns.

The first Black Ice products to feature this new design is the Black Ice GT Stealth (GTS), engineered specifically for high performance and stealth silent operation. It will be avaiable in GTS120 single, GTS240 dual and GTS360 triple 120mm fan configurations. The GTS radiators will be available in the standard 2-pass U-flow and single-pass XFlow configurations, for low flow environments.

Pricing was still being finalised as we went to press but expect to see Black Ice Gen Two radiators very soon where all good watercooling goods are sold.

Are you too cool to watercool? Does Black Ice Extreme performance in a regular, slim Black Ice form factor excite you? Post your feedback in the forums.

Hardware Labs Black Ice Gen Two, sporting MaxFin 25 micron copper fins for 100% boost in surface area

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