Build your own LED fridge magnets

Written by Wil Harris

March 23, 2006 | 10:44

Tags: #led

Companies: #mod

Is your kitchen fridge looking a little bit boring? Fed up of having amusing letter messages and pictures your kid has drawn? Why not make that dull white box a bit more interesting?

Specifically, with LED fridge magnets.

This tutorial has all the steps you need to create an electrical grid on the door of your fridge, and then has a tutorial on how to make LEDs with little magnets in the bottom. The result? Apply the magnetic LEDs to the power grid on the front of the fridge and watch those babies glow.

Sure, it might be pointless, but isn't that half the point?

The mod requires some fairly hardcore components, with electrically conductive paint, plenty of putty, and a fair amount of soldering skill. However, assuming you can pull it off, the end result is absolutely sweet.

Check out the tutorial, then let us know what you plan to do to your fridge over in the forums.
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