Build a light ring for your camera

Written by Wil Harris

February 10, 2006 | 12:25

Tags: #camera #light #macro #ring

Companies: #mod

Over in the Project Logs forum, we see a lot of mods on display. Some of the most effective mods are not just good mods - they're photographed well, too.

Getting great shots of your case can be difficult. Crucial to a good photo is light - and if you're standing over the case trying to take a close-up macro shot of a detail, then you can be blocking light from getting to the shot.

An inventive blogger has come up with a dead simple way of combating the low light problem, after taking inspiration from a new Nikon device. It's simple - a ring that goes around the lens of your camera, and has some white LEDs wired in to provide light to the image source. There's even a couple of different brightness settings, although there's really nothing to prevent you modifying the design and putting a rheostat on the circuit for a full variable brightness control.

Inexperienced photographers will find that the extra light can really add some extra detail and clarity to their mod shots. Experience snappers with great lighting setups already may find that this kind of localised light can create some interesting depth of field and exposure effects.

Head over to Brain Error for the full guide on how to wire up the LED circuit. Why not let us know your photography experiences over in the forums?
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