Mod of the Year 2010 winner starts new project

Written by Antony Leather

March 7, 2011 | 13:04

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Bit-tech forum user Attila, who won our last two Mod of the Year competitions, has recently started a new project. Few modders get more online attention than Attila, and work on his new project, entitled Cor Leonis, is already well under way in our Project Log forum.

As with Attila's previous projects, Cygnus X1 and Na'ir al Saif, Cor Leonis is being built from the ground up, and already includes some interesting features. These include a graphics card that's mounted parallel to the motherboard using a PCI-E riser card.

The project will also be Attila's first to include water-cooling, and he's already started work on waterblocks for the motherboard, which direct the tubing behind it.

Elsewhere, second placed nominee - forum user slipperyskip - has also started a new project. Called Usonian Nine, it features more epic woodwork from bit-tech's very own wood-working wonder. Meanwhile, serial modder AnG3L is also hard at work on Sors salutis, which is his third project in 12 months, and looks very different from his usual unique arty style.

Are you currently working on your own project? What are your favourite in-progress mods or scratch-built PCs in our forums? Let us know right here.
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