Steampunk Frankenstein PC mod

Written by Ben Hardwidge

February 20, 2009 | 10:59

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Although the silicon revolution has provided us with more computing power than Charles Babbage could have dreamt up, many modders still have an insatiable craving for the spinning cogs, steaming valves and polished brass of quirky Victorian machinery. There’s been something of a glut of ‘Steampunk’ mods in recent times, but the craze still appears to be popular, and this superb Steampunk Frankenstein mod is a perfect demonstration of the reason why.

Created by Dana Mattocks (who wearily stresses that he’s both male, and taken), the mod is nearing the final stage of completion and currently stands at 8ft tall. Many of the trinkets that you can see on the mod are also fully functioning parts of the PC too. For example, the Victorian vent at the top was taken from a church floor and functions as the intake vent for the radiators in the machine’s water-cooling loop.

Meanwhile, the temperature of the water-cooling loop is gauged by the thermometer next to the set of gears behind the circular window. Look closely, and you can also see that the power and hard drive activity lights are positioned behind two round windows taken from a warship, which were already yellow and blue for their original purpose as a warning system on the ship. Plus, the machine’s Power and Reset switches are hidden away in a brass block.

Of course, a lot of the gizmos are also for show, and there’s some quality modding work here. The big round window containing all the cogs was originally a radar port window from a warship, while the cogs were taken from five sets of clock gears. Meanwhile, the ‘Danger High Voltage’ sign was punched by a friend of Mattocks’ who makes custom dog tags. The machine also glows green in the dark.

Mattocks says he’s currently finishing the project, and that future plans include adding an ‘iron and rust’ effect to the optical drives, as well as filling the central fishbowl oiler with ‘blood red fluid’ and aerated bubbles. We’ve posted a few photos of the mod here, but we strongly recommend checking out Mattocks’ Steampunk Frankenstein Flickr page if you want to see the mod in all its glory.

If you want to see more fine mods in progress, then don’t forget to regularly check our Modding Project Logs. Does this Steampunk mod feed your Frankenstein? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.

Steampunk Frankenstein PC mod Steampunk Frankenstein PC mod
Steampunk Frankenstein PC mod Steampunk Frankenstein PC mod
Steampunk Frankenstein PC mod Steampunk Frankenstein PC mod

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