Cooler Master launches Masterbuild Platform modding site

January 12, 2017 | 11:18

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Once-and-former cooling specialist turned component maker Cooler Master has announced the launch of what it describes as 'a new PC building community platform' aimed at modders: the Masterbuild Platform.

Designed as part social network, part content aggregation site, and part marketing vehicle, Cooler Master is positioning its new Masterbuild Platform as the place to go for those interested in PC building and modding - whether for tutorials and hands-on material or just to see pretty pictures of others' creations from around the world.

'Our mission is to empower the community of PC builders, Modders, and Makers of all skill levels to enhance the experience of exploring the fun of building and personalising PCs,' claimed Cooler Master's Raymen Wu of the site's launch, while quietly leaving out the obvious fact that the content will - naturally - centre around Cooler Master's cases, components, and other products.

The company has unveiled plans for the platform which take it beyond a simple blog: a community feed pulls in images from Twitter and Instagram when tagged with #MASTERBUILD, there's the promise of live events in the future, and the marketing department is eager to offer competitions and promotions - beginning, the company has announced, with $500 in store credit for anyone submitting a customised rig through the site's Contact Us tab by January 23rd.

The Masterbuild Platform is live now at
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