Old look to a new Cooler Master

Written by Dave Williams

March 10, 2006 | 15:58

Tags: #2006 #praetorian #wcg #wood

Companies: #cebit #coolermaster #cooler-master #mod

CeBIT 2006: Cooler Master, normally purveyors of gorgeous aluminium cases, has chosen a different path and displayed a Praetorian case from Medieval times on their stand in Hannover.

The project, titled simply The Praetorian, was created by 19-year old Dutchman, Ferry Van Der Meijden. You may remember him from such case mods as Chemical Overdose, a watercooled, industrial-look case from last year's WCG 2005: European Case Modding Show.

The case had been given a somewhat medieval look by covering it in weathered wood and a good dose of dirtying down. Looking through the castle-style window reveals a novel way of sheathing the cables. Talk about making a case from old wood and string!

Even the keyboard and mouse get the modding treatment - wood for the keyboard and a rock-look for the mouse. A pretty "new" surround for the LCD monitor and a nice touch to keep marauders and unwelcome hands off the machine - a sword!

We have modded many Cooler Master's over the years here at bit-tech going back to 2002 so it is good to see case mods becoming a centrepiece for the company's activities at tradeshow events like CeBIT.


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