Corsair shows off funky case

Written by Wil Harris

August 25, 2005 | 17:01

Tags: #ddr2 #idf #led #ram #xpert

Companies: #corsair

Corsair are here at IDF, showing their latest range of memory. The chaps there have got some pretty nice DDR2 low latency modules, the 8000UL, which will run at over DDR1000 speeds with the right motherboard - that's a pretty speedy memory subsystem.

However, the main attraction on their stand was this kick-ass modded system, built by the guys over at It's an acrylic chassis, with a large corsair logo mounted on the side also cut out of acrylic, and some Corsair fan grilles on top.

Inside the machine is a dual core Pentium Extreme Edition 840, along with two 7800GTX cards in SLI and two 512MB Xpert 8000UL modules. Cooling is provided by Corsair's own COOL system.

However, undoubtedly the centrepiece of the case is the cut out on the top of the case. It's a hexagon shape, and looks straight down on the Xpert memory that's below. The cutout is home to a series of mirrors that create a kaleidoscope effect out of the readout digits on top of the Xpert. Frankly, it's genius!

Enjoy the pictures below, check out the 8000UL here, and tell us what you think of the mod over in the forums.

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