Dremel introduces tiny cordless screwdriver

Written by Ben Hardwidge

March 10, 2009 | 12:23

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At first glance, you might be wondering why Dremel thinks it’s worth making a big deal about its new Driver tool (pictured right), as it just looks like another standard rechargeable drill. This is only because there’s no reference for scale in the photo, though. The new Driver is just 12.6cm long, weighs 430g (less than your average jar of jam) and will fit in your pocket. In fact, Dremel claims that it’s “the most compact cordless screwdriver on the market.”

The idea is that it gives you a highly portable electric screwdriver that you can use for small jobs that require greater precision than you’ll get from a big hefty drill. This means that you can get an electric screwdriver into small spaces that you couldn’t reach with a standard drill, and it also enables you to get closer to your work. According to Dremel, greater precision will also be provided by the tool’s “superior balance compared to the standard pistol-grip,” and says that the Driver’s ergonomic shape “fits your hand like a glove.”

Dremel claims that the Driver’s small size makes it ideal for “working on electronics such as PCs and circuit boards, or radio controlled products in cars, boats and planes.” The company also says it will be handy for repairing audio and video devices, as well as model work and miniature ship building.

As well as this, Dremel says the Driver will be ideal for DIY tasks such as installing light fittings and assembling flat-pack furniture. In fact, two IKEA bits are included in the set of eight screwdriver bits that are provided in the package. The 7.2V driver itself has a variable speed that can spin at up to 300rpm, and Dremel also says that it features a “linear RPM 'ramp-up' for extreme accuracy, especially at low RPM.” This, says Dremel, will provide more you with more control when you start the tool.

The Dremel Driver is available from Dremel Direct now for £55.78 inc VAT. Are there many occasions where you don’t have enough room to use a standard electric screwdriver? Let us know whether you’d be interested in the Dremel Driver in the forums.
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