Like Sketchup? Love Google.

Written by Brett Thomas

April 28, 2006 | 19:29

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In a rather unorthodox release, Google has brought its new Google SketchUp beta release live.

Yes, that's right. The SketchUp we all know and love (and many of us use for modding) is now property of Google... and is freely being distributed.

A little background, as this flew under the radar for many of us:

SketchUp is a powerful yet simple 3d design program, similar to many CAD products and specifically to Truspace (by Caligari). The software used to be commercial, but it attracted the attention of modders everywhere for its convenience and ease. In fact, bit-tech member Jazzle has maintained a SketchUp library for quite some time including commonly used computer parts, to aid modders in designing their new creations.

Google acquired @Last software, the makers of SketchUp, as we recently reported, and the 'home' version is now being distributed for free. SketchUp still has a professional version for sale for $495.00 USD, but the home version will satisfy most of us. As a little addition, you can now also import directly from Google Earth, allowing for realistic terrain if you fancy designing some type of building. Neat stuff!

Of course, the greatest benefit to SketchUp now being free is that modders everywhere have no reason not to use it... right?

So, download the software, give us your thoughts, and hit up Jazzle's SketchUp library. Mod on!
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