Gordon Freeman says "Wiiiiiii!"

Written by Brett Thomas

December 7, 2006 | 15:55

Tags: #hl2 #wii #wiimote

Does everyone remember the river level in HalfLife 2? Did it drive you as crazy as it drove me? The controls seemed slightly less than intuitive, and it would just be nice to have a more natural way of moving the boat. Like, say, a Wiimote...which is exactly what someone has gone and done.

The video over at YouTube is pretty neat. Since the Wiimote functions with BlueTooth, someone came up with the idea to use it on the PC. Well, not just someone, this is the same guy who rigged up the Nintendo PowerGlove. The gyroscopic sensitivity of the Wiimote tilts, pans, and otherwise configures your view, while buttons have been mapped to common functions like walking.

Oh, and before you ask, yes that is a Wiimote playing on a Macbook Pro running Windows XP. What can we say, the guy likes to mix and match!

Rather than waste your time with further detail, I'll just leave you to the video, then tell us your thoughts in our forums.

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