Hiper lines up PSU for PCWorld, intro's coloured chassis

Written by Wil Harris

May 1, 2005 | 00:17

Tags: #media-chassis #modular #pcworld #psu

Companies: #hiper

Remember the buzz we've been making about the Hiper Type-R Modular power supply? The one that we said was so outrageously 'bling-bling', you almost needed sunglasses just to look at it?

Well, it's finally here, and it's in PCWorld stores across the country. We spotted a few on the shelves in our local branch, alongside some no-name Jeantech nonsense, so they're definitely out there.

The unit comes as 580W, and is currently only around in pimp-daddy blue.

However, the Hiper Media Chassis that we loved back in February is now available with a bunch of different fascias and colours, including a gorgeous red. Well, gorgeous if you don't mind it sticking out like a sore thumb next to the rest of your AV equipment!

Hiper look set to be lining up to rival Coolermaster as the modder's favourite case supplier. We know they have a full-size ATX version of the Media Chassis in the works, and we're going to be sneaking around their offices to steal some pics just as soon as we can.
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