Intel Modding Competition winners announced

Written by Joe Martin

January 22, 2008 | 15:30

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The Intel Modding Competition, held on YouTube, has finally drawn to a close and the winners have now been revealed. Over the last few months some of the best modders in the world have been going head to head in a competition sponsored by Intel, with some truly fantastic prizes on offer.

The submitted mods have been judged and looked over by an expert panel of judges, including Will Smith of MaximumPC and our very own Tim Smalley. The results are now in and, even better, two of the winners started their mods here on our forums and have been featured on the site!

So, third place goes to the silenSphere Case Mod created by DeathByQwerty, who scratch-built a spherical mod with the aim of making a low-noise, small form-factor system. DeathByQwerty claimed US$915 worth of various swag, including free games and free broadband.

Second place goes to the ever-popular Team Fortress 2 Sentry Gun Mod, which started right here on our very own forums. Scratch built by TiTon, the Sentry mod was a case with purely aesthetic aims and had judges practically bowled over with awesomeness.

However, in the end the Sentry mod was eclipsed by an even more gorgeous design - Nick Falzone's Yuugou case. With an oriental inspiration and classy, wooden finish, Yuugou is a mod without peer or equal and Nick has definitely earned his prize, which includes his choice of Intel motherboards and processors.

Yuugou was so impressive in fact, that it also scooped up first place in our own Mod of The Year competition which was based entirely on bit-tech reader's votes.

Want to pass on your congratulations, or are you going to scream 'hack'? Either way, head to the forums and sound off in there!
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