Pimp your Mac mini

Written by Geoff Richards

July 11, 2005 | 14:28

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The diminutive proportions of the Mac mini have found favour with a new crowd: car modders. It seems not only can the pint-sized Mac fit into a glovebox, but its compact dimensions allow for a myriad of other options: under the front passenger seat, in the centre console or even in the middle armrest.

This news comes to us via a new website, MacVroom.com which believe it or not, is solely dedicated to the integration of a Mac mini into your motor. That combination brings you not just the endless playlists of iTunes for long journeys, but DVD playback, GPS navigation, even email & internet browsing, assuming you're parked in a HotSpot.

The latest featured project is amusingly called "Mac mini MINI" by Mike Feidler from Houston. Eschewing the Texan penchant for enormous SUVs and pickups, Mike owns a MINI Cabriolet, and the silver centre console struts are a perfect match for the aluminium case of the Mac mini.

Visuals are handled by a Lilliput 7" touch screen cunningly mounted on a swing arm fixed to the cup holder. In place, it is easily reached from the driver seat for GPS lovin, yet it required no hardcore hacking of the dashboard and all standard stereo and air-con functions are still accessible by pivoting the display out of the way.

Another project worth mentioning is the Mitsubishi 3000GT of V6King. He opted for the glovebox mount which, at first, seems less elegant but would ultimately prove to be far more secure than in Mike's MINI. The same 7" Lilliput display has been very neatly integrated into the centre console and looks like it was always meant to be there.

There won't be any guessing the contents of this guy's iTunes playlist: the mini is hooked up to twin amps pumping out more than 1800W, and with not one but two 12" sub-woofers, the bass is sure to be ear-splitting. The system is remote controlled, and a full GPS Navigation System is next on his list of upgrades. You can check out the full specs at V6King.com

Have you modded a Mac, or any other computer, into your car? Do you have plans for your own CarPC? Share your ideas with us.
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