Mod of the Year 2010 winners announced

Written by Antony Leather

January 7, 2011 | 10:50

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It's all over! Nearly 1,200 votes were cast in what proved to be one of the closest modding competitions we've ever seen.

Barely 50 votes separated the top five projects, but before we announce the winners, we'd like to say thanks to our sponsors this year - Corsair, Gigabyte, Intel and Zotac - for stumping up some awesome hardware for the winners to take away and feed into their new projects.

A big thanks goes out to Mnpctech for sponsoring Mod of the Month too and supplying the reader prizes, the next five winners of which are listed below.

Here are the top ten projects of 2010 as voted for by you...

1st Place
Na'ir al Saif by Attila Lukacs (Attila)

2nd Place
Level Eleven by Jeffrey Stephenson (slipperyskip)

3rd Place
Reventon by Paul Tan (paultan)

4th Place
Concretronic by Dominic Heisse (Sonnenschein)

5th Place
Zenith Antique 5-s-29 Radio by Gary Voigt (voigts)

6th Place
Ultra by Peter Husar (Gtek)

7th Place
ARES by Max Erlandsson (Sleepstreamer)

Joint 8th Place
Mineral Oil PC by Andrew Mollmann (legoman666) and MiniMe by Oliver Woodings (oliverw92)

9th Place
Sidewinder by Ian Warendorf (WolfandAngel)

10th Place
Future Schlock by Alexis Alex Ftoulis (AnGEL)

Congratulations to all involved and we'll be in touch with Attila, Jeffrey and Paul about their prizes.

Finally, here are the final five reader prize winners, each whom will receive a modding ruler, courtesy of Mnpctech.
  • Thomas DuBois of the USA
  • Kelvin John Moraga of the USA
  • Sam Smith of the USA
  • Ian Lee of the UK
  • Akira Kendo of Germany
If you've won a prize then check your email, as we'll need your details to send the prizes.

We'll be back with more modding features and competitions as well as Mod of the Month and of course later this year with Mod of the year 2011. Let us know your thoughts on the competition in the forums.
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