Mod a hard drive into a NES cartridge

Written by Wil Harris

April 4, 2006 | 12:42

Tags: #cartridge #hard-drive #nes

Companies: #mod

Got some old game cartridges lying around? How about a spare laptop drive? This mod guide is a rather cunning way to combine the two into a super-awesome PC drive.

The guide is here and it shows, step-by-step, how to disassemble an old NES cartridge. Zelda is a pretty neat thing to port to the PC, and this is probably the closest we'll get (legally).

The rest of the mod simply involves a little bit of screwing, drilling and mounting of a laptop sized hard drive inside the cartridge. The irony is that this old-school 8-bit cartridge with a capacity of a few kilobytes now houses hundreds of gigabytes of data!

Seeing this has gotten us thinking. Surely there must be hundreds of fancy objects you could mod a laptop hard drive into? Give us some ideas over in the forums.
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