Best mods of QuakeCon 2005

Written by Geoff Richards

August 23, 2005 | 05:37

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Think Computers have posted 15 Great Mods from QuakeCON 2005. We weren't able to be there in person this year, but it looks like there was a lot of variety within the 3,000 gamer BYOC area.

Creative Labs upped the ante by sponsoring a Case Modding competition with a US$4500 prize pool. "Project Donkey Kong" - a full sized arcade machine PC - placed Third, winning $1000. The second place prize of US$1500 was won by "Fishtank" , an extreme overclocking rig combining a 10,000BTU air conditioning unit with a fish tank to chill the water down to just 35°F (1.6°C). The CPU is then Peltier-cooled to 15°F (-9.4°C) for and even higher overclock. The system is submersed in mineral oil to avoid condensation.

As always, there could be only one winner, and the US$2500 First Prize went to the well known ARTbyTROY's "HellRaiser Cenobite PC", pictured right. If you are interested in reading how it was constructed, we have a worklog in our Modding Forums detailing every painstaking stage.

There were many other creative mods, if you'll excuse the pun, at the event and our personal favourites Kenny's NVIDIA Chair and Badass-Shady's "Paulaner-Keg Machine" pictured below.

All images courtesy of Think Computers

Make sure you check out Think Computers' full article for the rest of the systems.

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