Nintendo 64 Tie Interceptor mod

Written by Joe Martin

June 12, 2007 | 11:09

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Console mods are rarely as interesting to us as PC case mods, and this one is certainly a little crude compared to some of the mods we've covered in the past, such as The Supreme Commander Mod which we're all so proud of.

Still, clunky as this modded Nintendo 64 may be, it still holds something of a unique charm and sense of geek-style.

J Grayson, picked up the console in question for a single dollar from a yard sale and decided to fuse it with a Tie Interceptor toy. Controversially in the blog post he has written, which includes a handful of pictures of the work in progress, he refers to it as a Tie Fighter. After heated discussion in the office about the shape of the wings however, our editors decided that the creator was wrong - it's actually a Tie Interceptor.

THEN, when the article was about to go live, we had a rethink and furore subsequently raged as some of us insisted it was maybe a Tie Bomber, or a Tie Fighter Advanced. Still, others were threatened with violence when they said they didn't care because either way, The Enterprise could easily destroy anything Palpatine or Vader could throw at it.

20 minutes of arguing later, we've just finished going over some Star Wars vehicle schematics we found lying about, and settled on the fact that it's an Imperial Tie Advanced Fighter, as used by Lord Vader himself.

Either way, it's going to look ace (or incredibly sad) suspended above a TV, and if he can manage to scrounge together a PlayStation Deathstar, a Sega Saturn Millenium Falcon, a 3DO X-wing and an Atari Jaguar civilian spaceship to get blasted to pieces in the crossfire, then the Star Wars Fifth Generation console wars diorama will be complete.

Or, there's always the option to upscale towards PC modding and build something truly amazing.

Fancy showing him what a bit-tech modder could do with the same material, or do you have an original mod of your own that you want to share with the world? Either way, get to the forums and if your mods impress us enough then you may end up with a front page news item of your own!
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