Mod: Dell laptop reborn

Written by Geoff Richards

August 3, 2005 | 08:42

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Hot off the press in our Project Logs forum is this little gem. As the story goes, forum member Megaglowz received an Dell CPi A 300XT in return for helping a friend of his upgrade to Windows XP and set up a wireless network. Time has not been kind to this notebook: it is powered by 300Mhz Pentium II processor, with 64MB of PC100 RAM and just 3.2GB of hard drive space.

Most of that went into the bin, as he upgraded this ancient Dell to the maximum permittable spec: 500MHz Pentium III processor, 256MB RAM, 40GB 5400RPM hard drive and a new DVD drive. He also dropped in a new keyboard, and upgraded the internal speakers. There is also a mesh window mod for the DVD drive in the wrist rest.

Naturally, the most eye-catching aspect of this quick mod is the paint job. Clearly inspired by the likes of the Voodoo PC notebook range, there are five coats of paint and five coats of clear sealant. If you think this is an expensive custom-airbrush job, prepare to be shocked: this paint comes in a spray can.

It is called 'Metal Specks' and it is made by Dupli-Color. This is Burnt Copper, but it is also available in Retro Red, Ocean Blue, Shimmering Green, and Sparkle Silver. "Our new technology in paints and coatings combined with hot retro colors creates a look that jumps out at you," says the website. "In the sunlight, Metal Specks shimmers with tiny floating metallic pieces suspended in color."

Here are some photos of the finished item:

There is no escaping from the fact that this notebook is still too slow to do much more than email and basic internet. Indeed, Megaglowz has admitted he doesn't even use it because he already has an Inspiron 9300, but it is a very nice side project while he works his other mod, dubbed Dark UV Energy.

You can read more about this mod, view additional photos and leave comments / ask questions in his Project Log.
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