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Written by Brett Thomas

May 30, 2007 | 14:05

Tags: #coolercases #feser-one #matrix-orbital #project-logs

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Many of you have probably noticed our commitment to bringing you the best logs from our forums in the form of our monthly Project Log Updates. Well, now it's time to take them to the next level - if your mod is featured, you'll be able to win some great kit.

Our project logs are filled with great mods, but each month I choose only a handful to make it to the front page. Starting with the June update, those of you who are forum members will be allowed to vote on which mod you think is the best from my selections. The winner will get prizes from some of our community's top sponsors, including AC Ryan, Coolercases UK, Corsair, Feser One, and Matrix Orbital (just to name a few).

We've got RAM, water cooling supplies, LCD displays, hard drives, graphics cards and more - everything you need (or never knew you needed) to build your mod. The hardware will change monthly, and each month the mod-gods over at AC Ryan will put some great modding stuff on the pile along with it.

Along with the prizes comes the glory - the winner each month will be entitled to a front-page article on his or her mod once it's complete, which is an automatic entry into the Mod of the Year competition. That's no small deal, because this year we're looking to give away a full, top-spec system (in pieces, of course!). And we don't mean tops as of right now ...we mean top of the line as of December of 2007 -stuff you haven't even seen yet.

Mods will be chosen as they have always been - by looking at the progress, skill, originality and overall quality (not the financial investment!). But I'm going to be taking particular care to notice forum ratings - so start rating your favourite mods! If you find a mod that you think deserves extra attention, you can send an email to me at (please do not submit your own mod!). If the mod you mail to me happens to be chosen for the update or even as the winner, you might just win something yourself.

The contest is open to bit-tech members get into the forums, rate some great logs and then get to work on your own, and you might just log in to see yours on the front page! And feel free to drop into our forums to ask questions, of course!

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