Retro gamer mods NES into control pad

Written by Tim Smalley

January 16, 2007 | 14:38

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An enthusiastic NES nut case has managed to squeeze a fully-functional Nintendo Entertainment System hardware clone into one of Nintendo's famous NES control pads.

This isn't an entirely new idea, as there have already been a slew of customised devices like the portable SuperNES2Go. Even though things like this have been done before, it doesn't take away the inherent coolness associated with a device like this; this is especially true if you're a fan of Nintendo's classic NES console.

The NES hardware clone is what's known as a famiclone, a name that comes from the Far East, as the NES was known as the Famicom (or Family Computer) in that part of the world. The particular famiclone used inside this modification comes with around 70 bootleg games built-in, so it's not exactly a 'legal' piece of kit.

As if 70 classic games weren't enough, the esteemed console hacker also added a cartridge connector on the back for games that aren't included on the famiclone. In addition, he added a second player controller port to the device, which also works with the lightgun, too. Finally, for those of you that like bright lights, he's also back-lit the Nintendo logo.

We've attached a few pictures below and you can see more pictures here (beware, many are showing up as "bandwidth exceeded").

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