A.C.Ryan reinvents Rounded Cables

Written by Geoff Richards

May 1, 2005 | 07:44

Tags: #acryan #cable #ide #round

Remember rounding your own IDE cables? It was all the rage a few years ago until news of the trend reached Taiwanese & Chinese manufacturers, who have been banging them out of their factories in various colours ever since. Specialist modding manufacturer A.C.Ryan have taken a fresh look at the garden-variety Rounded IDE Cable, and have come up with a novel improvement.

Called the Roundcable2-FX, it is part of A.C.Ryan's "Reinvent" series, where they aim to bring fresh innovation to tried & tested modding components. In the case of the Roundcable2-FX, they are tackling the problem of that troublesome bulge of inflexible sleeved cable that always sticks out when you connect two CD / DVD drives on the same cable.

By simply only rounding the cable up to the first connector, the ribbon is left flat (dubbed FlatXtension) for the 2-inch length to the end connector, thus avoiding the bulge and leaving your case nice and tidy inside. Buyers will need to be sure those drives will always be mounted one above the other, but otherwise it makes you wonder why someone didn't think of this before.
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