Cappello wows again with Alien Reservoir

Written by Geoff Richards

May 9, 2005 | 09:15

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Paul Cappello aka Crimson Sky has wowed case modding enthusiasts again with his latest work: Alien Queen Reservoir. Built to order for forum modder Rachel's Project AVP, the Alien Queen Reservoir is the centerpiece of her project, rising from the top of the water-cooled system built around a theme from the well known film-based-on-the-game-based-on-the-films Alien Vs Predator.

Most of you will know Paul's insane skill and attention to detail from the famous Doom3: Project Mars City mod, and he clearly cut no corners on this latest creation: he casually comments "With a bit of Super Sculpey, a toothpick and small paintbrush I sculpted the alien queen to about the size of an oatmeal cookie" revealing an impressive baby Alien model.

His efforts didn't stop there: Paul applied his trademark airbrushing techniques, and the transformation from raw Super Sculpey to super-scary Alien Foetus is astonishing. Like any top Pro, he makes it all look so easy, and yet most would struggle to come close to his detailed handiwork.

If you want to see more of Paul's work, be sure to visit The Best Case Scenario
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