Bestcasescenario shows off new Test Rig mod

Written by Wil Harris

May 1, 2005 | 00:47

Tags: #best-case-scenario #testing

The guys at are probably best known for their outrageous film-inspired mods, such as Paul Capello's Doom 3 and Matrix mods.

However, in a bid to do something different, they've tackled a subject close to my heart - the PC testing workbench.

Testing hardware all day and all night, as we are wont to do, can be rather a messy affair, with bits of PCB ending up all over your desk, and motherboards being jump-started with screwdrivers in the age old fasion. And don't even get us started on watercooling.

But the guys appear to have it all sorted out, albeit with more effort than this writer aims to expend in an average week.

A shiny aluminium frame provides the body work, as well as a screw-in rack for add-in cards. Custom radiator and reservoir mounts provide for watercooling testing, and a flat top cover appears to provide for cups of coffee and bowls of Frosties. At least, that's if they're anything like us.

The pics are well worth a closer look if you seem to spend half your life with your PC in bits and pieces. The article is here.
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