7" touch-screen case gets reviewed

Written by Wil Harris

June 27, 2005 | 08:09

Tags: #case #chassis #home-theatre-pc #htpc #touch-screen #windows-media-center

HTPC News has the inside scoop on an awesome new home theatre case from Uneed (yes, I do need actually!)

The X15e is an aluminium chassis with an integrated DVD faceplate, a gorgeous lighty-uppy powerbutton and, best of all - a 7" integrated touch screen!

The screen runs 640x480, and looks pretty gorgeous from the pictures. The chaps at HTPC cunningly set it up to run some Konfabulator widgets, giving a handy always-on clock (a major deficiency in Windows Media Center) as well as weather data.

The case itself appears to be well designed on the inside - although, as will all HTPC cases, things seems to get a little cramped once the kit starts going in.

The boys thought that "The touch screen control was a pleasure to play with and really gave the case that "woah" factor. Navigating in MCE was a little hard when it came to the smaller stuff so luckily a small stylus was included to ease the process."

You should definitely check out the whole review, which is here.

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