Top 10 Weirdest Case Mods Ever

Written by Geoff Richards

December 22, 2005 | 07:13

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Fosfor Gadgets, a Swedish blog featuring "daily updates about nothing an anything" has posted their Top 10 Weirdest Case Mods Ever.

Swedish blogger Mikael Svärdh spent a week browsing through "thousands and yet thousands" of projects to find the ten he thought were the 'weirdest'.

Some will be familiar to you, such as our very own Pete Dickison's Project WMD and Mashie's Y2K Bug, while others you may not have seen before.

In reverse order, Fosfor's Weirdest Case Mods Ever are:

10. Microwave PC - unknown via Engadget
9. The Wallcrawler Extreme Tech
8. Project WMD - Pete Dickison,
7. R2D2 PC - TheGreatStatan
6. Lego Mac - Apple Juice

If you want to know the Top 5, head over to Fosfor Gadgets for the full list.

Here at bit-tech we celebrate all case mods, and there is certainly a fine line between 'cool' and 'weird', just as it is the fine line between 'enthusiasm' and 'insanity' that keeps many of us modding. There are certainly some eyebrow-raising projects on this list, even to someone who closely follows the community's output. However, there is little doubt that Project WMD belongs in the Sub Zero section of The Cool Wall and that the only thing weird about it is Pete's super-human commitment to finishing the project.

Of course, as with any Top 10 lists, there will always be arguments about the inclusion or omission of particular projects. So if all your Christmas shopping is wrapped and under the tree already, head over to our News Discussion forum and post your Top 10. If you think choosing the Most Weird is, well, a bit weird, then post your Top 10 Best Mods ever if you like.
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