More Computers launches social shopping concept

Written by Paul Goodhead

August 2, 2011 | 12:17

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Online electronics retailer More Computers today launched - a social shopping concept that enables users to personalise and rebrand a version of the More Computers site and take a 1 per cent commission from any items sold through it.

The service is open to anyone who wants to start up a shop, with the company claiming it can take as little as two minutes to get up and running.

As well as personalising the look of your shop, you can also recommend and review certain products, and decide which items appear on the front page of your shop. The site also boasts full social media integration, enabling shop owners to recommend their shop and its products via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Users can even choose to apply an extra mark up to products, with the shop owner and More Computers splitting the extra revenue from the mark up 50/50.

Any commission you earn from sales through the shop can be used to buy products on the main More Computers website, so recommending a few components to family and friends could knock a chunk off the cost of your next upgrade or rebuild.

You are, of course, currently limited to listing products stocked by More Computers, but the company told us that there's the potential to introduce personal listings in the future, providing the service gets off to a good start.

Sticking to items stocked by More Computers does have its advantages, though. As you're essentially selling the company's stock, More Computers will deal with all the back end logistics and services such as delivery, returns and technical advice.

More Computers expects the service to be popular with enthusiasts and those who are constantly recommending what friends and family should be buying (something we’re sure most bit-tech readers can sympathise with). The scheme also has the potential to be popular with organisations such as charities and schools that could use the commission earned to buy extra IT equipment. It’s also likely to be of interest to small, local PC shops that don’t have the resources to set up their own online shop.

Is the concept a clever idea or a damp squib? Would you consider setting up your own store? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.

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