Microsoft makes ambitious plans

Written by Tim Smalley

October 27, 2005 | 16:22

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Bit-Tech forumite MrWillyWonka writes:

"A war seems to have broken out between Microsoft and Google, yesterday Microsoft announced they were moving into creating a digital library, backed by Yahoo. Today Microsoft went even further to announce Microsoft wants to be bigger than Google. Finally, they admitted it.

Bill Gates, the famous super-rich founder of the money-grabbing Microsoft empire told the BBC in an interview, "The beauty of software is that we are always making breakthroughs. We will have more in the next 10 years than we have had on the last 30". That's if Microsoft is still around in 10 years at the rate Google is growing at, only recently Google was valued at a cool $100 billion. If some deals are made with Sun Microsystems, owner of the Sun Solaris Operating System, it will not be surprising if Microsoft is reduced to another Linux; except you'll still have to pay, of course!

Bill also mentioned the fact that Microsoft's strength lies in the technology of searching - isn't that Google's strength?. The is now available and a limited number of books can be viewed online. The is also available - a search engine specifically for education.

Here we can see that Google's searching power is a lot greater than Microsoft's, further evidence exists where 57% of online searches in the US in September was conducted under Google, compared to 11% with MSN search. Perhaps Microsoft should stick with figuring out how to stop Vista from needing a hardware beast?

"They can do lots of things, but still you can't talk to them, and that is one of the things we will get this decade". A very ambitious imagination, only 5 years of this decade left, and considering nothing much has happened in the past 5 years in software, it'll be surprising that we'll be able to talk to computers in 5 years time, but who knows, there are already some artificial intelligence out there, such as the iGod and Eliza. As you can see, we still have a long way to go to perfect this.

A bad year for Microsoft? Google seems to have got ten times bigger in the past year, and are now rivalling Microsoft in the software field too. Not only that but Microsoft has tried to thwart Apple by forcing manufacturers to use the Windows Media Player software to play tunes from the iPod. This was quickly dropped by Microsoft after a complaint - very suspicious indeed. Suspicious enough to attract the attention of a federal judge overseeing Microsoft's actions.

Not only this, but recently Microsoft settled a dispute with RealNetworks who owns and distributes the RealPlayer with $761 million and allowing Real access to Microsoft resources.

There's more reading on iWon and the BBC."

Are Microsoft really in as much trouble as MrWillyWonka uncovers? Could we see Google making their own operating system before long? Who's up for AdSense in their file explorer?

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