Music industry to sue Yahoo! China

Written by Tim Smalley

July 4, 2006 | 11:52

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The music industry looks set to sue Yahoo! China after allegedly providing users with links to pirated music.

Last year, the IFPI sued Baidu - China's largest search engine - and the dispute is still unresolved. Yahoo! China is the second largest search engine in the country and John Kennedy, chairman of the IFPI, has stated that the music industry already on the road to litigation.

It is unclear how much the music industry is seeking from Yahoo! China, but it is expected to run into tens of millions of dollars, but maybe more.

Kennedy said that China was "the most exciting new market in the world for the international recording industry" at the China International Forum on the Audio Visual Industry last month.

The IFPI believes that the illegal sales of music in China have a value approaching US$400m, with 90% of all recordings being illegal. More here.

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