MySpace to launch developer platform

January 31, 2008 | 07:29

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Social networking site MySpace is to launch a suite of tools for developing games and other applications that integrate with their website.

Due for a formal launch next Tuesday, the MySpace Developer Platform is a response to the popularity of 'widgets' on the site: small programs users add to their pages in order to become vampires. Well, something like that.

Strangely, although MySpace will allow interested parties to download the tools they need to develop applications based on the platform you won't actually be able to use them on MySpace: at least, not yet. The company has not yet announced when they will start allowing the applications to integrate with the main site, nor have they mentioned whether there'll be a requirement for formal testing.

Rival site Facebook has been offering a similar development platform to its users since May, and many are seeing this as MySpace attempting to play catch-up with the smaller service.

The company is planning to split advertising revenue generated through the applications with developers, although firm figures have not yet been offered.

Amit Kapur, chief operating officer at MySpace, claims the platform will offer “deeper access” to the site and allow programmers to “build richer applications.” Richer than being able to turn into a virtual vampire? Surely you jest.

Do you fancy developing the next Scrabulous (although hopefully without the attached lawsuits), or is a social-networking website an oxymoron in your eyes? Share your thoughts over in the forums.
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