Nanosolar ships 'cheap' solar cells

December 19, 2007 | 12:57

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Photovoltaic specialist Nanosolar has, after five long years, finally got a product out of the door. In a post to the Nanosolar Blog CEO Martin Roscheisen announced the shipping of the worlds first thin-film printed solar panel.

Using a method developed by the firm five years ago which involves printing the cells in a thin film on a back panel, Nanosolar believes that it has finally cracked the main problem preventing commercial exploitation of solar power: cost. The new panels will ship for around 50p ($1 for our American friends) per watt, which compares pretty favourably to traditional energy generation via coal.

The first panel off the production line has been taken aside as a show piece, and the third was donated to the Tech Museum in San Jose. The second panel, however, is being used as a rather odd promotional item: the company is flogging it via online tat bazaar eBay.

If you've a few thousand burning a hole in your pocket, you can get bidding here. Don't expect a fully-working panel though - it's being sold “as-is”, which on eBay usually means “broken.” Not exactly the best advert for Nanosolar's new technology.

The first proper commercial run (hopefully in fully-working form) is due to be installed in a planned megawatt solar farm in Germany.

Hoping to get your house off the grid, or do you think solar power is still too expensive and unreliable for full-scale deployment? Perhaps you're just hoping to get a cheap solar charger for your laptop? Let us know via the forums.
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