Nerd auction held at Washington State University

Written by Phil Cogar

September 28, 2007 | 08:48

Tags: #funny #makeover

Need a date or just need help attracting people from the opposite sex? Well if you go to Washington State University then you might find a helping hand if you're a member of the Linux Users Group. The group has set up an auction of it website to help those unlucky chaps out.

OK, OK, I embellished a little bit. The nerd auction isn't to help nerdy guys get dates (although that could be a bonus side effect) but to help bring attention to the LUG in hopes of gaining more female members. The CS department is also hoping that more females will enroll as well.

The whole premise behind the idea is like the television show "Beauty and the Geek" where the geeks get makeovers and learn how to be suave while the beauties learn computer/mathematical/technical/studying skills. A lucky (or unlucky depending of who you ask) group of nerds will receive a makeover on camera from sorority women before a public social event.

During the dinner part of the event, the videos of the makeovers will be shown and the auction will commence. Once everything is over, expect to be able to see those videos over on YouTube. For more details, check out the Linux Users Group's webpage.

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