Net porn viewing is on the up and up... and up

Written by Wil Harris

May 30, 2006 | 16:24

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A 'definitive' survey by Nielsen NetRatings, the company that does TV viewing statistics for the US, suggests that 40% of all men in the UK view porn on the internet.

The numbers suggest that 9m men have logged on to porn websites in the last year, with over 5m logging on in just the last month alone.

The numbers suggest that the number of women muck-hunting online has risen by a third since 2000, with 1.4m checking out nakedness in the last year.

'Relationship therapists' are up in arms and worried that men are having unrealistic expectations of real-world relationships because of the 'anything, anyhow, anytime' nature of the wonderful world of internet porn.

Personally, we think the men of England have a far bigger problem - honesty. Less than half of the men in the country looking at porn? We don't believe it for a second, the real numbers have to be far higher than that!

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