Netflix testing cheaper plan in UK too

Written by Edward Chester

January 3, 2014 | 13:37

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Netflix is seemingly extending the trial of a new lower price, SD-only, plan to the UK as well as the US.

The new plan was first available to US customers around a month ago and Netflix had stated it would only be available in that region. However, the new test plan is being offered to some customers here in the UK too.

Up until now customers have been able to choose from two pricing options when signing up to Netflix. The first is a £5.99/$7.99 model that includes HD content and allows for two simultaneous streams. The second plan allows for up to four simultaneous streams - meaning a whole household could view content on different devices at the same time - and it costs £8.99/$11.99 a month.

Now there's a third plan that offers SD content only and allows just one stream, and it costs £5.29/$6.99 a month.

The new pricing is being seen by some as a way for Netflix to combat Amazon's US-only Prime Instant Video service, which offers unlimited access to its library of videos for $79 a year. This works out as around $6.60 a month, making Netflix's previous lower-tier offering seem a little expensive.

For UK customers the drop from £5.99 to £5.29 a month will likely be far less of an incentive than the nice round $1 drop in the US, especially considering how many features you loose, but we're always fans of providing customers with options.

Would you drop HD content just to save 70p?
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