Netscape 8.0 Launched

Written by Jason Cundall

May 19, 2005 | 13:46

Tags: #firefox #netscape

Netscape 8.0 has been launched amid claims that it can render more sites than FireFox, upon which this release has been based. This is due to the new browser supporting both FF and IE engines, according to the Register:

The final version also comes with a heavy emphasis on security, with built-in anti-phishing safeguards. The browser adjusts its security settings automatically, based on a regularly-updated blacklist of dangerous or malicious sites.

"The browser is like a hybrid car that combines the usability of Internet Explorer with the security of Firefox," said AOL/Netscape spokesman Andrew Weinstein

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Is this hybridisation of engines pique your interest? Is it likely to make you jump camps? Or does FF render everything just so for you? Let us know here.
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