Nikon designs camera for Eye-Fi

January 31, 2008 | 08:53

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Camera company Nikon has announced that the next digital SLR camera it has designed will include compatibility tweaks for the ridiculously named Eye-Fi wireless SD card.

The camera itself is a fairly standard DSLR, but it's the support for the rather interesting Eye-Fi WiFi SD card – try saying that ten times fast – that will make it stand out from the crowd. This marks the first deal between a major camera manufacturer and industry newcomer Eye-Fi.

The Eye-Fi card itself is a rather snazzy piece of kit: combining a teeny-tiny flash memory chip for data storage and an 802.11b WiFi radio in an SD card is no mean feat, and it brings a certain immediacy to taking shots. Supporting WEP, WPA, and WPA2, the card is designed to automagically connect to your wireless access point and whisk your pictures away to a photo sharing site of your choice. It'll even resize the images if you don't want to be uploading the high-res originals.

The card also comes with the Eye-Fi manager software, which offers the rather more useful feature of being able to transfer images to your desktop sans wires.

Although the card is already compatible with the vast majority of cameras out there, the D60 is the first model expressly designed to use it. The camera will feature a special mode that is automatically activated when it detects an Eye-Fi card, which will hopefully prevent the timeouts and connection errors that can plague Eye-Fi usage on some cameras.

Fancy the idea of the Eye-Fi enough to invest in a whole new camera, or are you happy whipping out your card reader when it comes time to transfer the images? Give us your opinions over in the forums.
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