Nine new exclusive Xbox One Games announced at E3

Written by Mat Jones

June 10, 2013 | 20:12

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Nine new exclusive games for the Xbox One have been announced at Microsoft's E3 press conference, including new games from Crytek and Rare.

The amount we saw and heard about each of the new games varied greatly but what we do know we've summarised in a handy list for you below.

Also announced at the show were that World of Tanks and Minecraft would be coming to the console, with World of Tanks offered free for all Xbox Live Gold members.

As you'd imagine, release dates and prices for the new games were scarce, but for the most part they'll be arriving in time for, or shortly after, the launch.

Without further ado, here's the list:

RYSE: Son Of Rome

Crytek has done what they do best, focused heavily on ensuring a spectacle based on graphical fidelity. RYSE, a game about roman military warfare, blends cutscenes into gameplay almost seamlessly. It’s difficult to tell if much of the demo is indicative of real content as the scene transitions seemed almost too smooth, but it’s always a possibility that the new hardware can finally overcome issues there.

Nine new exclusive Xbox One Games announced at E3

It seems like a lot of your actions are governed by contextual button presses, the left bumper being used for specific functions like forming a Phalanx or commanding archers to fire. The combat’s very quicktime heavy too, which might make things a little less interesting as it continues. RYSE will be available at at the Xbox One launch.

Killer Instinct

Brought out with a cry of “We listened, and Killer Instinct is back”, Rare’s fighting game franchise is finally seeing a new instalment. It seems like the game that we know from before, but taking advantage of the graphical possibilities of the new console.

Nine new exclusive Xbox One Games announced at E3

It’s more notable for another reason, but we’ll go into the egregious stage banter surrounding it in more detail during our full conference wrap-up post.

Sunset Overdrive

No gameplay was shown for Insomniac’s latest franchise, which is worrisome given how their last game transitioned from a similarly joyous and character heavy romp into a somewhat mediocre shooter. The pitch here is that the world is a living environment where things will change over time based on developer input.

Nine new exclusive Xbox One Games announced at E3

The animated trailer showed a horde of pink monsters and a variety of playable characters shooting them with the kinds of unique weapons that the team are known for including a gun that fires records and a shotgun that turns cans of pop into massive explosions. We’re excited to hear more.

Forza 5

The most important pitch about the new Forza is that you’ll still be playing even when you’re not online. As you play you’ll update a personal “Drivatar”. This is based on your performance, it’ll drive in a similar way to you, noting when you’re likely to go fast or be technical or even crash into other players. When you’re elsewhere, it will appear in the races of other players and if it places it’ll start earning you money without you even having to be there.

Nine new exclusive Xbox One Games announced at E3

Fundamentally, though, it’s still a Forza game. You’ll drive cars in it.


Too short a reveal to get a lot of context from, the most important message is knowing that this is a SWERY65 (of Deadly Premotion fame) production.

Nine new exclusive Xbox One Games announced at E3

It looks like it’s pretty heavily rhythm focused, which... sure. Do your thing, Swery.

Project Spark

It’s a game creation tool more than a game. It allows you to build worlds with high fidelity and options that allow you to customise objects with scripting. There's also a high emphasis on sharing what you’ve made and playing it with other people.

Nine new exclusive Xbox One Games announced at E3

Crimson Dragon

Set back by an audio fault that stopped any sound but the amassed crowd of journalists from being broadcast, that wasn’t enough to get in the way of the tone being conveyed. It looks just like Panzer Dragoon. That’s a good thing!

Nine new exclusive Xbox One Games announced at E3

Dead Rising 3

New Hero, New outbreak, this time it’s in California.

Nine new exclusive Xbox One Games announced at E3

Heavy amount of gameplay shown here, all beautiful and really taking full potential of the graphical capability to show hundreds of undead onscreen at once. Dead Rising has never been the most cerebral of experiences, instead selling heavily based on offering a sandbox to hit living corpses with sledgehammers.

What Lies Below

The really tiny trailer for What Lies Below showed off basically nothing. From Capybara games, makers of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, it’s pitched as a Rogue-like and it uses the Kinect to scan your room and use that as part of the level structure.

Nine new exclusive Xbox One Games announced at E3
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