Nominet sticks up for the US

Written by Jason Cundall

October 20, 2005 | 12:59

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Nominet, the UK company that has dibs to the .uk domain is sticking up for the US in the ongoing scrap over who manages and regulates the Internet - Which is contrary to the stance the EU has, which is currently seeking a move from the current US control to a more global regulatory group. From Nominet's perspective, anything that rocks the boat would be bad:

The firm that runs the .uk net domain name, Nominet, says there should be no radical change to the way that the internet is managed globally.
Nominet said it would prefer a system which did not over-regulate the net.

The issue of who controls the backbone of the net, such as domains and traffic routing, will be debated at a United Nations summit in Tunisia next month.

The European Union (EU) wants control shifted away from the US to a more representative global body or forum.

But the US wants to continue its historical supervisory role over the net and rejected the EU's proposals last month.

More from the BBC here.

The argument over who 'controls' the internet has been rumbling on for months now, but is their any real need to change anything? It's a difficult question to answer - there are, as usual, two sides to the debate - but who's right? It's a topic worthy of discussion, and as usual the doors to the bit debating chamber are open here, so have your say!
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