Numark iDJ iPod mixing console

Written by Geoff Richards

July 25, 2005 | 06:18

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Vinyl may still be the preferred format for many disc jockeys, but many have already "gone digital" and cart around a box of CDs or MiniDiscs, preferring the more compact form-factor and the speed of random-access. But what if you could condense that entire collection into a pocket-sized device without losing any of the control or ability to mix and cross-fade?

Naturally, the former function is easily covered by Apple's ubiquitous iPod, but now the latter poses no problem, thanks to the Numark iDJ mixing console, a cunning fusion of dual iPods and 2-channel mixer.

With his "wheels of steel" now made from ceramic re-enforced glass, the aspiring DJ can cart around up to 120GB, or a staggering 30,000 songs using twin 60GB iPods. Should this 2000+ album capacity not be sufficient, there is nothing to say you couldn't have more iPods in reserve, swapping them out while the tunes stream from the other channel.

Numark appear to have thought of everything: the iDJ will charge your iPod while connected, and it sports a USB 2.0 port so you can even upload music without having to undock. The console takes over complete control, allowing you to quickly queue up tracks; using one of the latest generation models, you could even presumably display album cover-art on the screen to distinguish one from another.

The iDJ is designed for any iPod that features a bottom docking connector, but is also compatible with any first generation iPod, Shuffle, "other" MP3 player, CD player or anything that makes noise, through the rear RCA input jacks, though you will have to use that device's individual controls to navigate and play songs.

Engadget, who revealed a prototype back in April, have reported a RRP of US$399, somehow translating that into a US$249 street price. UK pricing is still underwraps, but is likely to be somewhere in the £199-249 region from existing Numark dealers.

Can we finally kill off vinyl records? Would it be easier to simply use a notebook and iTunes? Discuss
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