Paris Hilton hacker gets time

Written by Wil Harris

September 16, 2005 | 08:31

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The guy that broke into Paris Hilton's T-Mobile Sidekick has been handed down a 11-month sentence for a juvenile jail. Although he cannot be named, and his crimes cannot publicly be revealed, the BBC reports that detectives confirmed he was the chap responsible.

"The names and contact details for celebrities in the address book, including Vin Diesel and Anna Kournikova, as well as pictures of Ms Hilton found their way on to the net thanks to the hacker.

Reports vary on how the teenager got access to Ms Hilton's handset. One account claims he tricked a T-Mobile worker into telling him a password for the firm's internal computer system.

Another claims he tricked an employee into opening an e-mail infected with a virus that helped him get access.

Other crimes committed by the teenager in a 15-month period starting in March 2004 included breaking into the networks of net and telephone firms, and making bomb threats to high schools in Florida and Massachusetts.

The teenager is also thought to be a member of a group that cracked the network of the LexisNexis Group which resulted in the publishing of more than 300,000 consumer records."

The photos were undoubtedly the most 'interesting' bit of the whole affair. But what do you make of giving they guy 11 months? Is that too lenient for a menace to society, or too harsh for someone who's clearly just a bright kid? Give us your thoughts in the forums.
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